Gaslow|Refillable|Bottle|System Gaslow Refiullable Bottle System fits great in this Farriers Workstation. Gaslow Refillable Bottle System Fitted into this Pickup Workstation for a Farrier. Gaslow Refillable Tanks System fitted into a Aluminium Cupboard housed inside a Farriers Van. Complete Gaslow Refillable system Supplied for use in a Farriers Workstation Gaslow Refillable System housed on the drivers side of this Farriers Workstation. Gaslow refillabel system secured into a Compartment within the Farriers Workstation. Gaslow Refillable System housed in compartment next to pillar drills within a Farriers Workstation.


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Gaslow Systems for LPG

At last! refilling is as easy as filling your car, The Safest, Most Reliable, Refillable Cylinder Range in Europe

- Gaslow Refillable Cylinder No.1 and No.2 - Gaslow Filler Kit - Gaslow 2nd Cylinder Connection Hose - 2 x Gaslow Stainless Steel 21.8LH Regulator Hoses

Gaslow is a system whereby you buy the bottles outright and instead of exchanging them when they are empty you refill them yourself using a propane LPG pump, usually at a petrol filling station. The Gaslow system is not cheap to buy so why use it? There are probably two main reasons:

  • The gas at LPG forecourts is about half the price of Calor propane bottles that you exchange.
  • Gaslow Refillable Cylinders can be refilled overseas. You cannot exchange Calorgas overseas.

It would take quite some time to recoup the cost of buying the Gaslow system . But for fulltimers like me the system does start to look attractive.

If you intend to travel in Europe you will find that many countries have their own gas companies like we have Calor in the UK. This could mean changing gas providers every time you cross a border, certainly something you want to avoid if you don’t speak the language! The only real bottled gas that is universal across Europe is Camping Gaz. The largest Camping Gaz cylinder is a 2.7Kg butane bottle which in the UK can cost almost £50.00! Faced with these problems, people who travel in Europe quickly begin to look at a system like Gaslow Refillable Cylinders.

Industry Information Sheet 028 Formerly LPGA Information Sheet 24 – June 2007 FILLING OF USER OWNED, PORTABLE REFILLABLE LPG CYLINDERS AT AUTOGAS REFUELLING SITES It is our advice that user owned, portable LPG cylinders should not be refilled at autogas refuelling sites. �� Vessels which are attached to a vehicle for heating or cooking (on camper vans or similar) present similar risks on filling to those for propulsion purposes and may be permitted to be re-filled at autogas refuelling sites provided they: • remain in-situ for refilling; and • are fitted with a device to physically prevent filling beyond 80%; and • are connected to a fixed filling connector which is not part of the vessel. UK Health and Safety law, particularly the Health and Safety at Work Act, the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations and the Carriage of Dangerous Goods and Use of Transportable Pressure Equipment Regulations, impose significant duties on the site operator to ensure safety. Autogas refuelling sites are places of work and their personnel have responsibility for safety to everyone on the site, including the general public. They authorise the flow of gas from the dispenser and they may be considered, in law, the filler. Safe filling of LPG cylinders requires appropriate expertise and/or equipment. Staff at autogas refuelling sites cannot fulfil statutory obligations as they have neither. Were there to be any accident the site operator could be liable to prosecution. This view has been confirmed in the Minutes of the HSE Petroleum Enforcement Liaison Group meeting of 7 th July 2005 which states “PLAs should consider issuing a prohibition notice if their inspectors discover a site which allows members of the public to refill gas cylinders”. Gaslow

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